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Welcome to My Own Bobble
We custom make one-of-a-kind stunning miniature of you that's Fun & Lasts Forever!
Because You Are A Celebrity Too!!

A one-of-a-kind bobble head of you in ANY situation you describe. Just send/upload a photo & pick a stock bobblehead body from our large selection or let us know your unique idea. We will bring your idea to life by designing a custom made bobblehead from head to toe and even with background theme you want! So whether you are looking for a unique miniature 3-D image of yourself, a custom made gift for friends and family or a personalized gift for the special one in your life, our bobblehead will be a unique gift idea that's fun and lasts forever.

We design 100% custom-made bobble heads, hand made by our highly experienced and trained artisans. Made from the photos you send us, your bobblehead will be extremely detailed as we customize each part of the figure! Plus, with our factory direct pricing, we have the best pricing in the market today.

If you're looking for a fun and memorable way to impress, you'll want to consider making your own custom bobblehead. We've had hundreds of individuals, organizations, promotions and advertisement agencies, and big wigs that have absolutely loved the results they've seen with their own projects.

We really can do anything you'd like us to do to bring that smile on your face!!